Hosan University Vietnam Student Wins Daegu Metropolitan Market Award for First Skin Beauty Competition

San University (President Park So-kyung) recently announced that a Vietnamese student studying in the department of beauty design won the silver prize for the first time as a foreigner at the 9th Daegu Market Baetring Contest.

The main character was Hosan University's Beauty Design, Hoen T Big Bang, and Hoeng Tea Big Bang, a freshman, received excellent reviews from judges for their ability to use Stone for special skin care.

Hosandae showed no regrets in the area's beauty design field as all six participants won the prize, including beauty design and second grader Kim Joo-ha's gold prize in Daegu City.

Professor Lee Ah-reum of the University of Hosan's Beauty Design and Professor Lee Ah-reum said, " The field oriented training has greatly helped students improve their skills and everyone in the field won the prize. "

" It would be good if we could study harder and spread the Korean beauty wave to Vietnam, " said Kim Jae-hyun, vice president of Hoeng University, who encouraged students studying in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the contest was sponsored by the Daegu Metropolitan Government and hosted by the Daegu Branch of the Korea Skin and Beauty Association, and was held on May 20 with more than 1,300 participants, industry officials and visitors.

Source : http://www.gukjenews.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=937103