Leading company in Gyeongbuk water industry, piercing export to Vietnam

Ginam Metal (Gyeongsan City, North Gyeongsang Province), a leading water industry company in North Gyeongsang Province, has found a way to export its products to Vietnam.

According to the North Gyeongsang Province on Sunday, the company recently signed a 4.5 million dollar manhole cover export contract with the company, which is currently being exported.

Founded in 1999, the company specializes in manhole castings and is said to produce products that are quiet and easy to open and close in Korea.

The company, which signed an export contract with the company, said that it was attracted to Kinam Metal's technological prowess and products as a company that manufactures and trades manhole covers in the Vietnamese province of Park.

Kim Ki-hyun, CEO of Kinam Metal Co., said, In Korea, the growth is stagnant due to the nearly installed water and sewage infrastructure. At this time, our support project for overseas market exploration in North Gyeongsang Province was very helpful.

North Gyeongsang Province has been supporting the water industry since 2016 after seeing the value and growth potential of the water industry.

First of all, in order to increase the credibility of companies in the global market, the company has designated the excellent water industry with growth potential as a leading company in the water industry in North Gyeongsang Province.

It is also actively participating in international exhibitions in promising markets in the water industry such as Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia to promote products and help find buyers, and to invite foreign buyers to Korea for further consultations.

At the same time, the company is also carrying out customized support projects such as acquiring certificates from abroad, prototyping, and producing promotional materials.

In particular, it is going to hold saneop Water Industry Knowledge Research Association . quarterly to strengthen cooperation with water industry organizations and share up-to-date water industry information so that it can solve difficulties in product development of water industry with research institutions.

" It is a promising market where the world's water market will grow 3 percent every year to reach 940 trillion won in 2020, " said Kim Jin-hyeon, director of the Environmental Forest Resources Division.

Source : http://www.newsis.com/view/?id=NISX20180611_0000332275&cID=10810&pID=10800