"Taekwondo fever has revived ... Thank you for helping Korea."

" By fixing the roof and changing broken desks and chairs, students ` passion for studying and enthusiasm for learning Taekwondo is reviving. Thank you for your help in Korea. "
Azimas Akesturo and Luus, the principal of Conan Elementary School in the Ivory Arbobo region of West Africa, expressed their gratitude to Korean civic groups (NGOs) and netizens for the practice of sharing love.

The center recently installed the " Happy Sharing " (Paco, Director, Jang Hyun-sik), and the Korea Association of Association of Association for International Organizations (KOVA) as the taekwondo courts of the Avobo region.
The school was unable to teach during the rainy season when the building was old and the roof was porous and the guerrilla torrential rains fell. The children had to learn taekwondo barefoot in the outdoor sun, and lacked the basic safety equipment needed for taekwondo education.

After expressing regret over the situation, a member of the local military organization, Jangseong San-san (32), applied for assistance after seeing the announcement of the 2017 KOVA Sharing Project, which was conducted jointly by the two organizations. He was dispatched to the local community in 2016 as a volunteer for Taekwondo education.
In a telephone interview with Yonhap News Agency, Jang said, " The announcement was made every day at Conan Elementary School, where local residents used the school as a school, taekwondo hall, and community center. "
" Thanks to the new roof, the children are taking classes even in rainy weather and learning Taekwondo in a pleasant environment.

Jang travels to different regions and teaches Taekwondo through the Ivory Coast Taekwondo Association. Taekwondo has a population of 35,000 in this country, but it is said to be in a situation where schools can be rented out because there is no decent taekwondo ground. After the repair work on the roof, the two institutions requested support for poor facility renovation and taekwondo safety equipment.

Like Kakao Talk, many netizens participated in the event through " Value " and " Naver Happivin, " and the local government that heard the news also urgently provided subsidies. In addition, Jang's own money was added to the new desk and chair, and the toilet was improved on the defensive. They delivered equipment such as safety mats, etc., and used taekwondo corridors.

" With the enthusiasm of the project continuing, I hope that the 2018 sharing project will be used to improve the difficult educational environment of children in developing countries, " said Park In-kyu, director of the agency.

KOVA is an organization established in 1992 by members who returned from overseas service, supporting overseas volunteers and promoting the settlement and friendship of members. Paco is an organization established with voluntary donations from KOICA employees.

[Data : Yonhap News]