UNITECH BIO INDUSTRY - Vietnam, '2 million dollar export agreement'

Unitech Bio-Industries has signed an export agreement with Vietnamese company Titaco at eseo Competition for Practical Use of Agricultural Life Technologies ..

Unitech Bio-industries (CEO Baek Do-hyun) in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province held an agreement with Vietnamese companies to export agricultural materials. The company signed a $ 2 million export agreement at the " Agricultural Life Technology Practical Competition " held at COEX in Seoul on Tuesday. It was an agreement with a Vietnamese company called Titaco that decided to export major products such as hyoso enzyme sulfur baio and gwa bioebillI ..

Previously, Unitech Bio, along with the Vietnamese agriculture department, conducted a test on the efficacy and effectiveness of its products by operating a local fishing gun.

Tests have shown that " enzyme sulfur " is effective in white galley and mold diseases, while " bioebillI " has been effective in aphids, mites, and catapes. Therefore, it signed an export agreement with a Vietnamese company to supply the products to local farmers.

" We have verified the quality of our products through a joint cultivation test with the Vietnamese agriculture ministry, " said Baek Do-hyun, the CEO of the company. The company is still exporting to India and China.

Source : http://www.agrinet.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=162010