The opening of the 2018 World Korean Press Competition

제17회 세계한인언론인대회 참석자들이 기념촬영하고 있다

Participants in the 17th Korean Media Congress are taking pictures.


Wang Gil-Hwan (Seoul = Yonhap News Agency) said, " The 17th International Federation of Korean Journalists (KOFIC) held at the 20th International Press Center on the afternoon of October 9.

Under the theme of Korean, foreign media, the rapidly changing global media environment, and the Korean media industry, some 70 people, including Korean journalists and representatives from 23 countries participated in the event. The group is a group of journalists who operate Korean language media in more than 30 countries around the world.

Kim Deog-ryong, in the opening ceremony of National Unification Advisory Council, filling a post a Yoo Seung-min, joint leader, Unification Minister Cho, Overseas Korea Foundation hanuseong miraedangDouble Park Byung-seok, of the fishermen a week, the ijonggeol, and the proper overseas Koreans who miraedang bangmyeonghyeon, hyeongyeongsuk gimyeonggeun, Yonhap News Agency the Global Korea Center.Korean network, chairman of the world, global community of ridicule, chairman of the Union, Park Myung Kyu overseas media attended.

Roh Yeong-hye, chairman of the Korea Federation of Arts and Culture Foundation, Choi Jong-won, chairman of the Korean Art Industry Promotion Council, Hong Sung-duk, chairman of the Korea Traditional Music Association, and Lee Woong-gil, chairman of the International Press Club Association of Korea also worked together.

The opening ceremony took place in the order of Chairman Kim So-young's opening declaration, the welcoming speech from Chairman Jeon Yong-chang, the welcoming speech from Vice Chairman Kim Woo-sung, congratulatory remarks from Vice Chairman Kim Deog-ryong and Minister Cho Myung-kyun, and a commemorative ceremony.

" It has been a year since the Citizens ` Coalition for Foreign Studies and the International Federation of Korean Communiqué for Media (KOFIC) launched in February this year, and the International Communique for the Changes in the Olympics was also held in October.

Our members represent the Korean people, and they are the spearhead of the Korean Network. We are making contributions to the development and prosperity of both Korean and Korean communities in the global era.

개회식에서 전용창 회장이 개회사를 하고 있다.

At the opening ceremony, President Jeon Yong-chang is giving his opening speech.


In a welcoming speech, Han said, I am a foreign resident and I feel like I am coming to my home country because I don't feel it is necessary to attend this meeting. It is a serious issue that has no constitutional definition of overseas Koreans.

My fellow Koreans should also pay keen attention to the debate over constitutional amendment. We can not protect your children's rights and interests at three to four years old, and we can not actively participate in developments in your country.

Prior to the opening ceremony, the group and the paper culture foundation and the World Paper Folding Union signed a mutual agreement to expand the culture of Korean paper folding and globalization on paper culture.

At the National Assembly's library's main auditorium on Friday, Korean journalists will discuss with experts about the promotion of overseas Korean media networks and establish a press school to nurture next-generation Korean journalists. He will visit the headquarters of KBS on Friday and visit Hanok Village in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, and Songdo free economic trading zone in Incheon on Friday.

At the prime minister's official residence in Samcheong-dong on Friday, the event will be concluded after a luncheon meeting with Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon.

The event, co-sponsored by the city's foreign media organization and the Korean Press Council, is sponsored by the Ministry of Unification, the Ministry of Culture, the Overseas Residents ' Foundation, the Korea Media Promotion Foundation, the National Election Commission, and the National Association of Media Communication.

The Federation of Korean Media Associations, an organization affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, will visit the country every spring and fall from 2002 to hold international press conferences and symposium on Korean journalists worldwide. Starting this year, it plans to release a quarterly magazine titled " Korean Americans in the World, " and distribute it in Korea.

세계한인언론인협회와 종이문화재단과의 업무협약 장면

From the left is the picture of the Korean American Association of Media Associations and the Paper Culture Foundation.