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It has been pointed out that the law needs to be revised to help children of children from multicultural families in Korea and Vietnam.
On the morning of October 26, Lee Ik-Hyun, chairman of the Korea Legal Research Institute, refuted the plan at a legislative forum titled, " The Tasks for the Protection of Overseas Residents in Vietnam. "
Under the current law, children staying in foreign countries for more than 90 days are excluded from the subject of child care allowance payments, with the exception of the provision requiring child care in developing countries where children of Korean nationality are subject to the government`s proposal.
According to a survey conducted by the Overseas Koreans Foundation, the children of Korea-Bel multicultural families are not eligible for health insurance and regular education in Korea. About 44 percent of mothers work in low-income occupations with monthly incomes of less than 100,000 won, and 44 percent of mothers are unemployed.
He said, " There are not many cases in which Korean fathers could lose custody of their children in Vietnam, so it is estimated that there are no exact cases in which the children of the missing children are sent to Vietnam (from 4,000)
He also improved laws related to promote national interests, such as easing the obligation to choose nationality and deviation requirements, strengthening the sovereignty of overseas Koreans, and expanding the number of overseas polling stations to expand political participation.
The forum was attended by 50 legal and academic figures, including Lee Ik-hyun, the head of the organization, King Sejong the Law Firm, and Hwa-woo.
We fully understood the necessity of legislation to protect Koreans living abroad, said Lee.
[Data : Overseas Korean Foundation]