What if I could get the latest Korean treatment in Vietnam? First, maximum, maximum BF Dentistry reason for confidence!

What if I could get the latest Korean treatment in Vietnam? First, maximum, maximum BF Dentistry reason for confidence!

① Pediatric dentistry
Pediatrics is only 200 out of about 20,000 dentistry clinics nationwide in Vietnam. However, the treatment of children and adults is significantly different, and children's teeth are often damaged by their treatment methods, increasing the demand for children's dentistry. Although it was difficult to create Vietnam's first child care institution, medical staff who had been in harmony for many years all stayed in Vietnam, bringing all the ingredients and medical care systems used in Korea. He said he will try to keep up his reputation and medical care in Korea.
Children's Dentistry Systems Children's Dentistry requires careful management of all environments, including the location of medical staff and guardians, from the time their child enters the dentist. Therefore, it provides friendly visual effects, such as interior, children's dental chairs, and animation, and patients and carers visiting to use children's dental services in a children's waiting room (Playground, infant, etc.).

② Integrated care department
If the patient has complex conditions in the area to be treated, this is an advanced diagnostic method that can be selected by the patient at the recommendation of his doctor. A diagnostic model is produced through pre-clinical CT scans, panoramic x-ray scans, and corrective analysis, and implant, prosthetic, pediatric dentistry, calibration and directors determine ideal treatment methods through meetings. The doctor then prepares a report and presents the treatment directions to the patient. It is a recommended customized service for advanced health care and conflict-free treatment protocols.
< Premium Scaling > BF Dentistry has a spray called ' Air Flow Master Piezon ' released by the Swiss EMS, a luxury scaller maker. It is a device that removes tartar and color at the same time by spraying particulate matter and minimizes pain and time.
[3D navigation implant] The plaster work model, which is made from an acquired human body, is converted to data through a 3D scanner and combined with the CT data to reproduce the tissue in the patient's bones and mouth in 3D image. After performing a virtual surgical operation by analyzing 3D images, the implant location, depth, and thickness are determined based on the images, and surgical guides are produced through 3D printers.

③ Correction department
Lee Il-hong, director of the Korea Health and Welfare Ministry, is currently working at the hospital.
Since the causes of obloctioning vary from case to case and changes in appearance occur, accurate cause analysis must take place before many clinical experiences and know-how are secured. In addition, it is possible for a calibration to cause sudden situations, such as a wire or falling device, to quickly remove discomfort from patients and receive stable medical care.
< Various Calibration Methods > Clip-PC calibration is less painful due to less force than conventional devices, and has less frictional friction, making it faster to move teeth. It is also suitable for Koreans visiting Ho Chi Minh City who are busy visiting the dentist due to low number of visits due to the absence of wire connecting devices.
Invisalign, patented in the U.S., is a transparent calibration device that is not visible from the outside and is a preferred treatment for many patients. If you want to have a transparent calibration, the resident Invisel Line Injustics will collect the oral condition of the patient and produce the device and ship it to the dentist.

④ Labs
< Land-specific Labs > Vietnam lacks labs that can produce the high level of pore you want at your current dental clinic. To address this issue, BF Dentistry signed a business agreement with a Korean cooperative lab and prepared a lab that can produce its own storefront within the hospital. By deploying a groundbreaking director with 25 years of experience and producing most of the pores locally, the company can correct even minor problems to provide a highly complete groundbreaking service.
This is a device that scans and turns 3D scanner diagnostic models into data. In the case of stomach that can be produced only in Korea, data can be sent to Korea only after a 3D scanner is used.

⑤ Medical hygiene system
In Europe, water supply facilities in the hospital are kept clean enough to be easily consumed by food.
An IQair facility with the world's best air cleaning system is installed throughout the hospital to purify all the outside air flowing into the hospital that needs strict infection control, and a human presence is provided.