The 2016 Fantastic Arirang Festival with Gyeongsangbuk-do and Yeongju City

The 2016 Fantastic Arirang F

estival with Gyeongsangbuk-do and Yeongju City

From September 30 to October 1, the 2016 Fantastic Arirang Festival was held at Ho Chi Minh Labor Culture Palace for two days. Seona art in the event, World Alliance of Dokdo shot, Caffe Bene, CJ food such as Vietnam, ragaellak a meaty, chicken with various sponsorship and corporate activities, such as the Papas.Can be filled in details. What should be noted was the participation of local governments visiting Ho Chi Minh directly from South Korea. On the first day of the Fantastic Arirang event, the active participation of North Gyeongsang Province and the city of Yeongju came as fresh curiosity for the Vietnamese people.

North Kyongsang Province and Yeongju City were active in their activities by setting up special booths where locals could taste and buy local specialties themselves. In response, the museum displayed and sold the specialty products of North Gyeongsang Province and North Gyeongsang Province, including apples, pears, ginseng and ginseng sets. What should be noted was the direct participation of local governments in North Gyeongsang Province. Conduction councils, who North Gyeongsang Province in particular in the event baksseongman dogiuk the lawmakers, the Ministry of Planning and Economic Commission for lawmakers, Rep. of Planning and Economic Council, gimchanggyuBegan publicizing and promoting Dokdo, as well as a local specialty, to participate directly take part in the nation's Day event to make Kimchi adorned. In addition, Rep. Park Chan-hoon, former chairman of the Yeongju Council, Rep. Jang Seong-tae, vice chairman of the exhibition committee, Rep. Lee Joong-ho, lawmaker Lee Gyu-duk and lawmaker Kang Jeong-koo participated. These are some special products of North Gyeongsang Province, Yeongju-si, Korean, Dokdo promotion and publicity about living in Vietnam, residents known to have been coming for encouragement.

Rep. Do Ki-wook, chairman of the Committee on Planning and Economy of North Gyeongsang Province, said, " I sincerely congratulate on Korea's Day celebrations. " He also expressed his familiarity with Vietnam, saying, " Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh have a long history. "

Rep. Kim Chang-gyu, who i

s serving as vice chairman of the Planning and Economy Committee of North Gyeongsang Province, said at the 2016 Korea Day event that he was the first person to visit Ho Chi Minh from North Gyeongsang Province and he would be impressed by the visit.

The two-day event in Korea is expected to help many Korean events to be held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The 2017 edition of " 2017 North Gyeongsang Province & Ho Chi Minh EXPO " to be held in 2017 is also one of the most anticipated events in South Korea. The North Gyeongsang Province & Ho Chi Minh Expo is an event that is expected to be directly attended by North Gyeongsang Province, the host of the event.

Dogi Ki-wook, chairman of the Planning and Economy Council, also commented on the future plans of 2017 North Gyeongsang Province and Ho Chi Minh EXPO. He expressed high expectations, saying that Ho Chi Minh will be closer to Korea through next year's event. Kim Chang-gyu, deputy member of the Strategy and Economy Council, explained the expected effect of the expo, saying, We expect to directly convey economic and cultural growth that took place in North Gyeongsang Province to Ho Chi Minh. We will also be able to spread the cultural excellence of Korea and the systematic system of the Korean government.

Rep. Shim Jae-yeon, former chairman of the Yeongju Council, said, I think it is a very impressive activity to have a Korean day event in Vietnam. " We hope our agricultural products, including ginseng, apples and pears, will become popular in Vietnam, " he said.

Rep. Jang Sung-tae, vice chairman of the Yeongju City Council, said, " We heard that many Korean businessmen were living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and that the products of Korean residents in Vietnam were also provided with red ginseng. "

The 2016 Fantastic Arirang event, which has conducted a two-day event on Korean culture and history, would have left a strong impression on the Vietnamese with active participation by North Gyeongsang Province and the city of Yeongju. The visit of local governments to Vietnam directly from Korea for the festival drew much attention from the talk of the event and its implications. Direct participation by North Gyeongsang Province and provincial governments in Yeongju City could have ended the day in success.