Where the quiet rest lies, Saigon Star Hotel

When you enter a hotel in Ho Chi Minh's first division, you can feel the calm first. Visitors will be able to feel the loud noise of motorcycles and cars, and the feeling of being run over by countless people will be at ease. This is Saigon Star Hotel which is run by Koreans.

The hotel bellboy greeted us first before entering the hotel. If you walk in past him who opens the door for you, two hotel staff members welcome in with a bright smile.

There is BAR on the first floor. Coffee, tea, wine, beer and beverages are available, and prices are 25,000 VND and 60,000 VND. As there are Korean magazines for careful consideration, it would be nice to check some of the things you can consult while traveling. You can also buy small ornaments and food items for sale. Since there are banquet halls and conference rooms, there is no need to reserve separate rooms or places for meetings when a company or group programs.

Starting with the second floor, the guest room is located on the ninth floor. The interior of the room is the same, but comes in a variety of sizes. We could look around the fifth floor, but when we get out of the elevator, we can feel the quietness that we felt when we entered the hotel building again. It wasn't without guests, but it was in stark contrast to the noise outside. There is a window at the end of the hallway and you can see a panoramic view outside the hotel. Suddenly, I didn't want to go out. Motorcyclists, cars, and countless people who had been walking around all day long had no tension and wanted to stay in the silence.

The room that the staff showed was a bedroom. While the exterior and first floor of the hotel were splendid, the room was simple and more comfortable. The bed and sofa had soft and sweet fragrance. Another great thing was that you could go out on the balcony of the hotel and enjoy the cool air of Ho Chi Minh City and see the beautiful night sky. That day, I could talk to the owner of Saigon Star Hotel for a while. He said, " Nothing special, I want to work harder. I hope the visitors didn't just remember it as a place where they just slept, but also spent their time in a hotel as a travel. " Through more conversations, operators were not taking visitors here lightly, but rather were concerned about what kind of service they would take seriously and provide.

When I came to visit Saigon Star Hotel, I thought again that Saigon Star Hotel was a very quiet and clean hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Saigon Star Hotel is recommended for location, service, cleanliness and relaxation so that the accommodation at the beautiful tourist destination will be a lifetime memory. If we spend the beginning and the end of our trip to Ho Chi Minh City at the Saigon Star Hotel, there will not be inconvenience and irritation, but only excitement about tomorrow's trip and new meetings.