A population of 11 million people with high blood pressure ... Are I a patient?

High blood pressure is called a " silent killer " because it has no symptoms but has fatal consequences if it develops. Such patients with high blood pressure account for about a quarter of the total population in Korea, according to an analysis.
According to the Korea Hypertension Fact Sheet published by the Korean Society for High Blood Pressure, the number of high blood pressure patients in Korea exceeded 11 million as of 2018. However, many of them do not even know that they have high blood pressure.
In fact, according to the National Health Insurance Corporation's Big Data, the number of people who were treated for hypertension was 6.54 million as of 2017. According to the association's estimate, about 5 million people do not recognize high blood pressure.
The association is especially concerned that more than half of those in their 30s and 40s with high blood pressure are neglecting treatment. They say that while the age range of high blood pressure is gradually decreasing due to westernized eating habits and lack of exercise, they are neglecting the disease.

There is no cause or symptoms of hypertension ... What is scary is the fatal complication.
High blood pressure is literally a case of higher blood pressure than normal. The figures indicate that the systolic blood pressure is greater than 140 mm Hg or that the director blood pressure is greater than 90 mm ..
There are often no symptoms other than high blood vessel pressure. In addition, most people do not know the direct cause of high blood pressure. However, complications are the reason why high blood pressure without symptoms is dangerous.
High blood pressure puts pressure on the heart, causing the heart wall to thicken and grow, which in turn leads to heart failure. In addition, if blood vessels are damaged by pressure, it can lead to arteriosclerosis. Two of the nation's three major killers - cancer, heart and brain vessel disease - may be caused by high blood pressure.

I think that 20 percent of people in their 30s are aware of hypertension ...
In fact, high blood pressure is a condition that can not be easily diagnosed if one does not pay attention to one's health when young.
According to research by the institute, the recognition rate of high blood pressure among men and women in their 30s was only 20 percent, and the cure rate was similar. Many people with high blood pressure thought they were still young, and fear that they should take blood pressure medication for life.
However, high blood pressure can cause fatal complications, such as arteriosclerosis, stroke, and myocardial infarction, at some point if one is negligent in management. Moreover, it can cause serious side effects such as blindness or a lifetime dialysis due to eye loss or kidney failure.
Even young people have a family history of high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, and should be more careful if they have risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, such as smoking, obesity, and hyperlipidemia.

The first priority in treating hypertension is improvement of lifestyle ... even when taking blood pressure medication.
The treatment of hypertension also requires medication, but above all, it is important to eliminate risk factors from daily life.
" If a patient is diagnosed with hypertension for the first time, he can lower his blood pressure by improving food and lifestyle. "
In cases of hypertension in the first and second stages, it is necessary to control food intake as long as the salt intake is reduced. To do this, add as little salt, soy sauce, and soybean paste as possible when cooking or eating them.
Do not think that taking blood pressure pills can maintain bad habits. Medications have an additional deterrent effect in addition to a lifestyle, which can be used in conjunction with it to reduce the dosage of drugs.
" It is not easy to detect any abnormalities in the body because symptoms are not apparent in the early days of hypertension, " Sohn said.
The policy of preventing hypertension
Food reduces fat and vegetables
Eat a lot and eat something bland.
I get fat every day through proper exercise.
Maintain one's weight to prevent gaining weight
Quit smoking and refrain from drinking.
Avoid stress and maintain a tranquil mind.
You should regularly measure your blood pressure and consult a doctor.

A Study on the Proper Measurement Method of Blood Pressure in the House of High Blood Pressure Society
▶ In the morning, measure before and after taking a medication.
In the evening, measure before going to bed.
▶ If you go to the bathroom, take a rest for 5 minutes and measure it.
▶ Smoking and caffeine should not be consumed within 30 minutes of measurement.
▶ Sit back on a chair and prepare for blood pressure measurement in a comfortable position.
▶ Wear a blood pressure measurement tool with the heart level above the arm.
▶ Record your measurement results carefully in your blood pressure notebook.