The eye-cleansing agent also ... "Damage to Protective Materials"

The weather of fine dust, yellow dust, smog, and pollen are continuing. Many people think of respiratory problems first, but the first thing they are exposed to is their eyes. This is because it is the only Korean body that is sensitive to external stimuli as mucous membrane is exposed outside.
However, it is not easy to protect your eyes even if you wear a mask exclusively for fine dust. As a result, the eye cleaning agent is getting more interested.
At present, there are four types of eye sanitizers in Korea, both imported and domestic, and the related market is also growing. A product developed by a Japanese pharmaceutical company and is being sold in Korea by importing 40 billion won a year, followed by 4 billion won in annual sales in the first year of its imports.
It is helpful to use eye cleaning agents to remove foreign substances after going out on days when fine dust and pollen are high. However, experts worry that excessive use could cause side effects.

Only use it to remove foreign substances ... Concerns about side effects when damaging protective substances
" Excessive use of eye cleaning agents and excessive use of eye cleaning agents could have some unexpected side effects as long as they have been washed away. "
This is why. Tears come from the surface of our eyes to lubricate the movement of our eyelids. About 98 percent of the tears consist of water (a layer of water). In addition, there are more than 200 kinds of oil that prevent the evaporation of tears, including protein, sodium, and phosphate.

Among these, immune proteins such as lactoperrin and raisomime act as an antimicrobial agent to prevent the inflow of germs from the outside. It also provides water and oxygen to various cells in the eye and cleans and dilute them when harmful stimuli occur.
However, if the eyes are washed too hard with eye cleaning agents, the necessary ingredients of the eyes are also washed out. In particular, when you blink your eyes, the oil content of the outermost layer of the skin film must be formed properly to prevent the evaporation of tears.
If the surface of the eye becomes dry due to desiccation of the eye, the protection of the outer part of the eye is weakened and the cornea surface can become inflamed. Microbial or external substances remaining in the eye or sticking to the surface of the cornea can lead to diseases such as peritosis, cornea ulcers, and allergies.

The basic thing about eye management is clean hands ... Do not recycle artificial tears.
The most basic thing about eye care is to keep your hands clean all the time. Avoid rubbing or touching your eyes with dirty hands. Sometimes, the remaining disposable artificial tears are recycled for cleaning the eyelids, so do not spare the remaining artificial tears.
Simple eyelid cleaning in the home helps stabilize the layer. In general, the area of the eyelid that requires cleaning often refers to the area of the skin covering the eye, but the area of the eyelid that needs cleaning refers to the area of the upper eyelid and lower part of the eye.
Warm towels are recommended to apply hot packs to your eyes before cleaning your eyelids. This will dissolve waste matter on the eye of the eye or secretion that was blocking the eye of the eye. Then, apply pressure gently around the eyes and massage them to improve the secretion of oil, which is helpful for dry eyes.

Afterwards, it is good to wipe out the wastes that have dissolved with a hot bath and massage. If waste matter is not cleaned up, the waste matter that is released may become firm again.
When cleaning eyelids, wipe out the outlet area of the gland between eyelashes or gently rub your eyes in warm running water.
If it is difficult to control the concentration of baby shampoo, which is not toxic as a detergent, then it is recommended to purchase a product cleaner.
" The effects of the washing agents on the market are similar, but if the concentration and acid levels are not suitable according to the additives and preservation methods, it can cause an allergic reaction, " he said.

Kim Gil-won