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Top star of the hit drama " The Best Love " in 2011, Dokgojin made a confession to a singer who had had his day.
Let me tell you about the camellia. The main character is a fine girl without omission. But I fell in love with the neighborhood loser and gave him a steamed potato. But he was rejected. The main character bullied the loser's cherished chicken, and at last he cried and begged her.
It was a scene in which Kim Yoo-jung's novel " Camellia " was made into laughter with a parody. The romantic comedy, which has been loaded with laughter bombs everywhere, was loved for its combination of the performance of the leading actor and actress and comic script.
As a result, " Camellia, " which has been appearing on the test for more than 70 years since its release in 1936, has become an icon of love to young viewers. The fact that the potato appeared in the drama several times as a means to confess its love also brought laughter.
The geu Camellia . has been humiliated recently." Camellia is about a virgin who sexually assaulted an innocent bachelor. " I must do something about her. " The genre of " Camellia, " which featured the puppy love of a young man and a young man, has changed from a romantic comedy to a sexual crime scene in a moment.This is what happened to " Camellia " in an angry manner.
First of all, the facts are wrong.It is true that the " obscoson " fell down into a yellow camellia, which was in full bloom with the shoulders of either " or ". But the novel doesn't end there.
" After a little while, " her mother says, " Hey, Impsoon! Where did she go after sewing? "" I could not help but walk on a rock and walk up the mountain. " Above all, ' . ' reveals this feeling while buried in a camellia flower.The smell of the spicy, spicy smell made my whole mind go blank.Maybe it is the most famous sentence in this novel.
I can't believe they're using the country bachelor of " Camellia " or " Mito " to ridicule. It's an insult to the audience." I am not Tess, " Tess's organized country girl, nor was I born to ridicule.
The names of " Camellia, " " Impsung, " and " Na " were also damaged.

Yoon Go-eun