Sitting ' You ... ' ' Get up and move now. '

Modern people live a ' sitting ' life for a considerable part of the day. You sit on chairs or on the floor in a variety of situations, such as when you are talking in a coffee shop, watching TV, or reading books, as well as at work. So what is the impact of this long, sedentary lifestyle on health?
To conclude, the longer you sit in a day, the worse it is for your health.
First of all, experts in Korea say that the risk of metabolic syndrome is 1.2 times higher than the seven hours of sitting for seven or more hours a day. Metabolic syndrome refers to three or more cases of abdominal obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, hypochondria and low density cholesterol. Metabolic syndrome is not only a problem in itself, but it should be dealt with early, as it could lead to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in the future.
According to a study by Professor Park Eun-cheol of the preventive medicine department at Yonsei Medical School, 52.2 percent of the respondents (aged 19 and over) who participated in the National Health Research Institute (BMC Public Health) in 2014, 433 (South Koreans) On the other hand, 45.8 percent (1,971) answered less than seven hours.
Metabolic syndrome has characterized a greater risk of sitting longer.
According to the gender, the risk of metabolic syndrome in men with long periods of sitting was 1.9 times higher than in women. The risk of metabolic syndrome in the management, management, sales and service groups, machinery, machinery and assembly workers was double, 1.6 times, and 1.6 times higher, respectively, compared to those in the agriculture and forestry industries. The risk level of metabolic syndrome among housewives and students was 1.7 times higher than those in agriculture and fishing.
Even with the same agriculture and forestry workers, the risk of metabolic syndrome was 2.6 times higher than if they were sitting less than seven hours a day.
The research team suggested that it was the first study to prove that a person who performs static activities while sitting still has a higher risk of metabolic syndrome than a person who is active.
Studies show that people who are sitting and not active in foreign countries can quickly catch diseases such as diabetes and heart attacks, or age can come early.
According to a study published by Dr. Joseph Henson's team at the University of Leicester on the international journal " Obesity, " the longer they sit, the more they have internal and abdominal fat, including liver.
The research team measured the amount of internal fat including liver with MRI on 124 patients who are at risk of developing diabetes due to high blood sugar levels. It also attached a portable accelerometer to its waist and measured its movement for a week.
As a result, the longer the total amount of time he sat, the more his abdominal fat as well as his abdominal fat. Although subcutaneous fat has increased, the increase in internal and abdominal fat has increased, and the research team explained that the amount of fat related to metabolic diseases such as diabetes has increased.
Studies show that women who sit more than 10 hours a day age 8 years faster.
According to a paper published by researchers at the University of California, San Diego in the American Journal of Epidemiology, people sat for less than 10 hours a day and worked out less than 40 minutes.
" Korea needs to sit long enough to be reported as the country with the longest working hours among OECD member countries, " Professor Park Eun-chul said.
He also supported active policy support at the government level in order to improve worker health, such as the provision of desk and stand desk, which are provided with both left and outside appearance, and the introduction of a job health promotion program.
Kim Gil-won