NBC Molds and Public Relations

The Olympics is not only a sports festival where the best athletes gather to compete, but also a venue where the world's leading companies are engaged in war without gunfire, and the festival is where artists from each country display and perform. The host country, in particular, intends to make its traditional, historical, cultural, artistic, scientific, technological and tourism resources known to the public as an opportunity to enhance its reputation and credibility. For this reason, even though cities that hold the Olympics are suffering from debt repeatedly, there are many countries that are waiting to win the bid.
By showing off its economic development award in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Korea changed its image of Korea as a ' Korean War ' and ' Korea as an antigovernment demonstration ' to ' Korea and Japan World Cup. ' Now, there is a growing hope that by successfully hosting the Winter Olympics, which has been hosted mostly by advanced countries, Korea will be able to raise its status and take the Korean wave to a new level. It is estimated that the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, which will be over 10 days after the opening, has met such expectations.
However, the ignorance and prejudice that some foreign media showed at the opening ceremony is bitter. " While Japan dominated Korea from 1910 to 1945, all Koreans would say that Japan has become a model for culture, technology and economy, " said Joshua Cooper, a commentator with NBC. The Times of England put a false description of Japan's island on Jeju Island, which circled a photo of a Korean Peninsula flag with athletes from both Koreas in the newspaper on Wednesday. " It is a shame that Ramo was expelled from the broadcasting service, " Fortune magazine said on its website on Monday, explaining that his comment contains an important element of truth.
As it happened in the major media outlets of the U.S. and Britain, which they believed were well aware of Korea, the shock is greater and even the feeling of disappointment is felt. One Internet user pointed out the imperial spirit in the early 1900s when Britain and the U.S. signed the Young-il Alliance and the Katsura-Taft Treaty with Japan, respectively. One media outlet recalled that NBC, the host broadcaster, showed arrogance during the 1988 Seoul Olympics, but it was already 30 years ago.
But we need to be more coolheaded. Complaining the press with critical comments and attacking the media will not help solve the problem in its fundamental way, although it may help to take it out of the blue. The day before yesterday, an outraged man in his 50s called the Japanese Embassy in Seoul and threatened to blow up, but he was caught by the police. It is painful to hear a comment posted by a Japanese Internet user on the Japanese version of Korean article " Do you need to get carried away if it's not true? "
Japan has tripled its budget in 2015 by designating " strategic overseas promotion " as one of the top three national tasks. The budget for Japan's public diplomacy in 2017 was 550 billion won, more than 30 times that of Korea's 16 billion won. This year's budget for the Foundation for International Exchange, a public diplomatic organization, stood at 57.7 billion won, down 7.3 percent from 2017. Although it is due to the end of a one-time project such as opening a professor of a prestigious university abroad and establishing an exchange center, the Japan Foundation actively supports many think tanks and scholars in the United States by paying a large amount of money.
After the September 11 incident in 2001, the U.S. decided to strengthen public diplomacy with a new diplomatic paradigm in response to anti-Americanism, and has spent 1 trillion won (1 billion dollars) a year promoting U.S. policy to foreign influencers. As China has emerged as a " Chinese threat " in the process of emerging as the G2, China is actively spreading its opinion of being a responsible power and a " peace and power. " The budget for public diplomacy in Britain, Germany and France is close to the U.S., and Sweden is also five times that of Korea. The controversy over NBC's absurd remarks and the Times ' false reports are also related to Korea's poor public diplomacy. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a totally ignorant idea that foreigners expect to recognize us without making any effort to actively promote Korea.
What's comforting is that there are young people who are full of passion and patriotism. The cyber diplomats, VANK (voluntary and vank agency network of korea) dubbed in Korean history, including textbooks and other countries since the inauguration of the map in January 1999, Dokdo and East Sea.Fixing the results marking errors, South Korea's cultural heritage and achievement and reunification and the United Nations Sustainable Development (sdgs) goal of the Korean Wave in secret.
Last year, however, the second year in Busan in international, VANK is Miss choeyeonjeong and Yonhap news agency has been selected ‘The fourth phase of the youth public diplomacy ambassador’ as British media sites.The ‘The stack of the dotcom’ (Thestack.com) ‘east sea’ (East Sea) the sea between Korea and Japan to send e-mail and find a CHECK CYCLE column lists what not. Choi is ‘Sea Of Japan’ designation is that last vestiges of Japanese imperialism, and National Geographic, World Atlas Shrugged, The Lonely Planet donghae and is a global mapping.In fact, the International Hydrographic Organization (iho) and that of the body of water between Japan and demanded their correction, explaining the recommendations, such as the United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names. The stack his apology through the reply is of the dotcom and modified as donghae the Sea of Japan.
VANK, along with Yonhap News Agency, will hold a ceremony to launch the 5th Youth Public Relations Ambassador on July 21 at the National Museum of Korea in Yongsan, Seoul. The participants will be educated and will distribute the contents of Korean public relations in Korea and abroad. Following the launch ceremony, the National Museum of Korea will hold the opening of the National Branders Exhibition under the theme of " We Are Independent Movement in the 21st Century. " The exhibition, which runs until July 26, will feature the activities of VANK members, who have been promoting Korea's history and culture, along with the footprints of independence activists dedicated to the restoration of national sovereignty. We applaud the challenge of VANK's youth to stage a 21st century independence movement by promoting Korea's independence movement with the will of independence activists 100 years ago.