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Sunday Seoul, the nation's first entertainment magazine, was at the center of Korean pop culture in the 1970s and 80s, stimulating voyeurism and curiosity. The cover was decorated by some of the top stars, so it was a popular entertainment site, regardless of its quality.

Sunday Seoul, which sold 60,000 copies in the first two hours of its publication in 1968, has implemented the " 3-S policy " (sex screen), which was promoted by the military dictatorship to make the transition. With the neglect of politics and stimulating peripheral desires

The magazine appears as a major feature in the hit movie ' 1987. ' On the streets where white phalanges dot each other, and tear gas spouted, Sunday Seoul became a useful tool to pass through random stops. The Sunday Seoul, armed with idiocy in proving that I was not an " impure " molecule, made my grade instantly cheap and had a perfect effect.

It is interesting that the Sunday Seoul played a key messenger at an important point in history. Everything seems to have two sides, and to express various faces of the public. The magazine's circulation was raised by the public, while the people who rushed to the square sounded their horns and shouted for the abolition of Hoseon. While Sunday Seoul was the main culprit behind the commercialization of women's sexuality and fueling distorted sexual consciousness, Sunday Seoul, on the other hand, it was also Sunday that led the popular culture as a Mecca of entertainment news.

In the last scene of the movie ' 1987, ' the song ' When the Day Comes ' is played. " Clap your desk and die with a bang of a billion won " is a song to wish for " The Day, " in which all the violent marivans have disappeared. But is that day the same for us now 30 years later?

Meanwhile, " Sunday Seoul " stopped, and the military dictatorship ended. However, the Internet world is full of all kinds of provocative contents, and Gwanghwamun Plaza is again heated with the desire of candles.

Although the loss of air force in Namyung-dong has disappeared, Color-Cology still shows off its powerful power. Despite the disappearance of Paekgoldan, malicious comments and slander are rampant. Of course, there is little change in distorted sexual orientation. Moribae, which was solid in color, looks colorful and varied.

If the movie " 2017 " were to be released in the future, what kind of medium would it be? I don't know if I was thinking Sunday Seoul was rather naive.

Yoon Go-eun