Complete questions about golf supplies

In most cases, a round consists of friends, juniors, business clients, and a group, so how do you make a good impression of who you play with and leave the impression that you want to be with? The way to make a good impression during rounding is advised by experts.

Take lessons, practice before round, and go to the field.

This means that sometimes you see them in high places, or CEOs who are very busy in business, saying, " I've been so busy, so I've had a lot of lessons, I've had a lot of practice. After taking lessons, driving range and short-room, you need to learn the basic sense and play in a regular hole to get a basic shot. In addition, when you go to the regular hall for the first round, you will be able to relieve the burden of the partner and find the flexibility of the field. And one of the most difficult things is practice. And when you go out with your friends, you say, " How about today because you've been sick for a month? Don't you know if you feel alive because you often have a round?