<Yoon Go-eun's Sparrow Mill> Look back in anger.

Oasis has solaced our souls with " Don't look back in anger, " but now is the time to do the opposite. Iron must be struck when it is sweet.
As the " Mitoo " (# Metoo) is spreading like wildfire, some people are complaining about their fatigue or insisting on false charges. There is a series of " morturbation " answers, " I can't remember it because it was a long time ago, " or " It never happened. " They also take familiar steps by picking out things that are not related to the nature of a victim's appearance or ability.
For many powerful people, the " Mito " campaign seems to be very embarrassing because sexual violence is a matter of power and power. He has been drunk with power and has made fun of his tongue and hands, but he pointed out that it is a problem. It is not male or female.
But would it be a good thing to be embarrassed? Not a few people talk nonsense when they open their mouths, but they rubbed their teeth against the blues when they say they hated it at the karaoke, but they watch Mitu like watching fire across the river. I'm sure what he did was ' humor ' and ' affection '. Proud of the creativity of using credit cards for sexual harassment
If there is a movement to change frames by taking issue with the abilities of the victim who shouts " Mito, " it still remains to embrace the situation, saying, " Although I am a sexual offender, I am an excellent person. " The lower classes with electronic anklet are harshly criticized, and even though they have committed numerous sexual acts through their mouth and hands, they have different voices toward the older artists, the white collar, the intellect, and the artists. Some point out that the problems of certain people are excessively generalized as group problems, while others interpret the issue as political and doubt its purity.
Even so, it appears to be insufficient to stop the current massive flow. You can't eat it because you're afraid of maggots.
You should turn around angrily. When I was not angry, I didn't say, " Don't do it. " So I thought it would be okay. I must do it now. Please let it go, " We've put up with more work. "
Yoon Go-eun