Have you consulted any Korean specialists?

Guide me to Korean specialists

Not yet in Vietnamese and the local medical system is unreliable.

This is a session that introduces you to a hospital where you can go to Koreans with this kind of anxiety.

I will only introduce you to hospitals that support the same or similar level of medical service as in Korea.

Cotton Hospital & SI Dentistry

A three-story hospital near Skylgarden. The course includes surgery, internal medicine, pediatric medicine, orthopedic, otolaryngologist, urinary, eye and physical therapy. Other duties include the issuance of documents for corporate health examination and submission to international schools.
On the third floor, there is an independent specialist, SI Dental Clinic, which is the first foreign investment company in Vietnam. Dental tasks include aesthetic prosthetic, whitening, scaling, nerve therapy, tooth decay prevention and nerve therapy.
Add : number 42, the street no. 6, Tan Phong ward, District 7
Phone number : 08 5410 6319
Business Hours : 8:30 a.m to 7 : p. m, Saturday 8:30 a.m to noon,
8:30 a.m to 10a.m on Sunday

Gangnam Hospital & Gangnam Dental Shinhan

Hospitals and medical facilities next to banks have mostly been airborne from South Korea. Ninety-five percent of the guests are said to be Korean. Medical courses include internal medicine, otolaryngology, gynecology, and urinary tutoring.
Add : SF-09 Riverpark, 342 Dang Duc Thuat Street,
Tan Phong Ward, District 7
Business Hour : 9.m- -.m
Phone number : 08 54110008

Alpha Dental

The director of the Korean hospital will be receiving resident care, and all treatment costs will be applied to local Vietnamese prices.
Major care subjects include implants, calibrations, prosthetic teeth, whitening, and tooth decay.
Add : R4-40Wing Phuoc 3, Phu My Hong, Dictrict7
Phone number : 08 5413 0909
Business Hour : Gold : 8:30 to 17:30, Saturday to Day : 8:30 to 15:00

Asan Hospital

The ratio of visitors to the hospital is 95 percent of the Korean population.
The veteran Korean director provides high-quality medical services along with airborne medical equipment.
Registering a one-year membership brings many benefits.
Add : 220 Tran Van Tra, Panorama D, Phu My Hong,
Tan Phong ward, district 7, HCMC
Phone : 08 5412 3360
Business Hour : 9-12p.m:30p.m- 30.

Digital Dentistry

Porting, aesthetic prosthetic, teeth whitening, and orthodontics are provided.
The institution supports overtime.
Add : R4-35 My Toan 2, Phu My Hong, district 7
Phone number : 08 5412 2275
Business Hours : Comments : 9-1230, 14:00-18:30, Saturday : 9:00-15:00

Our hospital

It is comprised of doctors from South Korea and other regions who have a lot of experience in medical treatment, and has various imaging equipment and respiratory therapy equipment. A Korean nurse welcomes you to the reception. Medical course : Pediatrics, internal medicine, otolaryngology, skin, etc.
Add : R4-16 Hong Phuoc 3, Phu My Hong, district 7
Phone : 08 5410 7201
Business Hour : Monday ~ Friday : 8:00 - 19:30 / Saturday : 8:00 - 18:00 /
Sunday : 8:30 - 12:00

Bina Health Care Hospital

Medical courses include internal medicine, pediatric medicine, gynecologist, and otologist, and general examination including various blood tests and breast and cervical examinations for women. Imported medicines and Korean medicines are also on sale.
Add : R4-30Wang Phuoc 3, Phu My Hong, district 7
Phone : 08 5410 3850
Business Hour : Month to Friday : 8:00 - p. m /
Saturday : 8:008- -.m.