Announcement of the 1st round of the 2019 Korean International School in Hanoi

14 Jun 2018
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We will guide you through the initial recruitment of first graders for the Korea International School in Hanoi, 2019. Please understand and support the number of students who can enter the school and the schedule of applications.

1. The target and garden for elementary school freshmen

Number of students who are eligible for the classification for the year of birth

1st grade in 2019

NOTE ※ No early admission.

※ Special classes are not open to those who are admitted to a special class for the 1st grade as there are no vacancies in special classes. Special education subjects can be transferred to a regular class according to the school regulations, which may be restricted by the committee meeting results of the previous language.

2. Application schedule for new applications


Announcement period 2018.5.3.

2018.6.28. (neck) to 6.29. (gold) 09:00 to 16:00 (except for lunch hour 12:00 to 13:00)

Submittal room on the fifth floor of this submission location (next to the elementary school room on the fifth floor)

Document reception closing 2018.6.29. (Gold) 16:00

If the yard is exceeded, the scheduled draw date is 2018.6.30. (Saturday) 11:00

Notification of candidates for admission 2018.7.2. (month)

2018.7.3. (Anger) to 7.4. (Number)

Notice of confirmation of admission 2018.7.6. (Gold)

3. The admission process for elementary school freshmen

1st round entry announcement ▶ Submit application documents ▶ Review of admission review committee

▶ Notification of admission and payment of admission fees ▶ 2nd application announcement and application documents

▶ Review of the admission review committee ▶ Notice of admission and payment of admission fee

A freshman orientation ▶ entrance ceremony

(※ If the recruitment quota is exceeded for the 1st class, the 2nd round of recruitment is not conducted.)

4. Details regarding application for new application

1) If the initial number of applicants falls short of the number of applicants, the second application will be conducted in February 2019.

2) Only the school visit can be accepted and only the student guardian or guardian's proxy (with his or her ID) can be accepted and the open draw can be made.

3) If the initial number of applicants exceeds the number of recruits, a public draw is made. Those who fail can enter the school if a vacancy occurs by giving a waiting order according to the draw sequence.

4) If the first number of applicants falls short of the number of students, and if the number of entries is exceeded in February, the first number of applicants can be drawn in the open draw.

5) In the event of a future vacancy, confirm the intention to enroll in a waiting list by phone, text, email or SNS, and if a waiting order is not confirmed or canceled within 24 hours, the waiting number is invalid.

6) If the documents are not completed, they can not be received and drawn only.

7) The entrance fee must be paid within the designated date after the admission is granted and the admission fee will be cancelled if not paid during the payment period.

5. Submission
Comments on submission
① Applications for admission to freshmen, ② Basic Environmental Survey,
③ Health survey, ④ Pre-school vaccination report,
⑤ Transfer to the school website (format room)
Download and complete and submit
⑥ Original copy of the family relation certificate
(issued within one year) It can be issued on Internet civil service 24 by issuing a consular or official certificate of residence in the family relation certificate.
⑦ Copy of register of overseas Koreans
(Part of the department issued by the Ministry of Envoy, Mo, and Students)
Submit only for Korean nationality, students or parents.)
⑧ A copy of the passport (wealth, mother, student, etc.),
⑨ 3 × 4 cm photo, turn in 1 sheet per student,
Prepare a copy of the photo for application.
6. Other things 

The submitted documents are not returned and if they are different from the forgery or the facts, admission may be cancelled.

 For more information, please contact us below.

☎ (Vietnam) 024) 7301-5337 or ☎ (Internet phone) 070-8248-2555

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