Vietnam, online activity control law enacted ... "More protests are likely to spread"

14 Jun 2018
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Human rights groups are protesting the Vietnamese parliament's bill to tighten control over online activities.

Local media and foreign media including the Vietnam Communications Agency reported that the National Assembly passed the cyber security bill on Tuesday.

The law allows social media companies such as Google and Facebook to store data on Vietnamese users.

In addition, the Ministry of Information and Communication in Vietnam ordered that illegal contents be released within 24 hours.

In addition, the Cyber Security Act required social media companies to set up a data center in Vietnam.

Amnesty International responded in a statement, " The Cyber Security Law allows the Vietnamese government to take action online.

" By eliminating the space where Vietnamese people can speak freely, it is a fatal blow to freedom of expression, " he said.

Earlier, the United States and Canada had asked the Vietnamese government to delay its handling of the bill and reconsider it to international standards.

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