The 12th Hanoi Korean Association held the 1st quarter's board of directors' quarterly activity reports and adopted 7 bi

14 Jun 2018
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The first board of directors of the 12th-quarter Korean Community in Hanoi, 2018, took place at the Korean Community Center on April 9 at 5 p.m. The board, which opened the meeting as a society of Kim Woo-seong, was presented to guests and observers, followed by an opening announcement from Yoon Sang-ho, chairman of the board, which included a report of 43 members. In a speech to the chairman following the national ceremony, Yoon Sang-ho, the chairman of the Korean delegation, said, " I have spent three months with Ko Sang-koo, who has been working on this position for four years, and has been appointed as chief vice chairman. "

Chung Woon-taek, chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Division in the first quarter, said, " I watched the soccer match between Korea and Vietnam. ▲ Korean classroom (3. 10) entrance ceremony and weekend working, and ▲ of the woman vice chairman, iokui kowin and on-site visits for disadvantaged women (3. 15) report, following established from Board of Directors of the ▲ students.(3. 14) a gathering of officials and community news and ▲ Moon Jae-in president welcoming ceremony for the hotel and a state visit the (3. 22) report, a business from the subcommittee of the event and jodeokssang(podcast) Internet broadcasting for the Korean filming the first report (3. 25 to 26) was deployed with simple sample the show.

The results of the first quarter audit by Kim Seung-rok and the result of the adoption of the Korean general board meeting and the adoption of the new bill.

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