"Fishing in Vietnam with Chinese fishing boats and maritime guards"

14 Jun 2018
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It has been reported that many Chinese fishing boats are operating openly in Vietnamese waters with their own maritime guards.

According to VN Express, Vietnam's online media, the vice minister for defense in Vietnam reported to the National Assembly on Monday that many Chinese fishing boats are invading its territorial waters this year.

" Many Chinese fishing boats were fishing in waters just 40 nautical miles (about 74 kilometers) away from the island of Rian in central and southern Vietnam, accompanied by their own maritime guards, " he said.

In April, Chinese fishing boats broke into Vietnam's territorial waters three times and came as far as 30 nautical miles (56 kilometers) away from the city of Da Nang, the vice minister explained.

He also supported China's policy of violating Vietnamese territorial waters, saying, " The Chinese government is firmly supporting China's " nine ships, " which are drawn in the form of a U-shape. "

Source : http://reurl.kr/20C03CDE

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