One person died an hour and an hour in Vietnam because of excessive drinking and driving

14 Jun 2018
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The Vietnamese government has decided to ban the beer commercial with a ban on alcohol sales at night.

According to online media VN Express on the 27th, Vietnamese health ministry is collecting public opinions by preparing a bill that prohibits advertising of beer.

The bill bans all promotions of alcohol with a limit of 15 percent alcohol and prohibits low alcohol from being advertised in public places, TV or movies.

In particular, it also banned advertisements on beer using social networking services.

Earlier in the day, the Ministry of Health had proposed a bill to ban the sale of alcoholic beverages from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next day.

The bills will be reviewed in the National Assembly in October.

Vietnam, the largest beer market in Southeast Asia, consumed 4 billion liters of beer last year.

Vietnam spends an average of 300 dollars per person on drinking alcohol every year.

The World Health Organization (WHO) analyzed that 40 percent of traffic accidents that die an hour in Vietnam are related to excessive drinking.

Source : Yonhap News

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