President Moon Jae-in President Visit to Vietnam Vice President of Vietnam

14 Jun 2018
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Moon Jae-in, two-night, three-day tour is president, visited Vietnam and Trần die bust, including a summit with Nguyen Pooh who plays Young-mi's Communist Party chief, Nguyen ssueon.Prime Minister, Nguyen Kim, a eungeon the National Assembly speaker, had a meeting with key leaders.
While the global trade environment is becoming increasingly unclear due to the " G2 " trade war between the U.S. and China, South Korea has declared a new South Korea policy plan that is taking effect in Vietnam.
Moon Jae-in, the president, as ASEAN, a pillar of the new economy on the Korean peninsula in a Vietnam tour map for 3 days from orbit at the sprawling ‘policy sinnambang’.Place a victory.
After 25 years of diplomatic ties, Vietnam has risen to the top of Korea's 10 ASEAN countries in trade, investment, human exchanges and development cooperation.
Among ASEAN countries, Vietnam ranks first in trade (42.9 percent), first in investment (42.6 percent), first in human exchanges (28.7 percent), and first in the size of Korea's core partner (ODA). Even in Vietnam, Korea is a very important partner, ranking first in cooperation and second in trade.
President Moon created a " core hub " by drawing strong support from Vietnam for the new South and South Korea policy initiative that extends to ASEAN and India through his latest visit.

The door, president and this slam jjeon the widening of a strategic partnership in the last 23 summit, as long as the core the development, future Joint Declaration to Vietnam.Suggested adopting, a blueprint for the development of bilateral relations and cooperation.
Mr. Moon in particular will explain the new South and South Korea policy focusing on the vision of cooperation, namely " win-win ", " people-centric " and " peace, " and try to develop relations with Vietnam, an important ASEAN country.
" Vietnam will play an active role in promoting South Korea-ASEAN relations as a key partner in the new South - South Korea policy, " Lee answered.
As a result, President Moon has secured a " stable bridgehead " for the new South and South Korea policy.
A Cheong Wa Dae official said, " Since we have drawn support for the new South and South Korea policy from the ASEAN hub of Vietnam, the new South will start in earnest. "
The leaders of the two countries shared a clear consensus on enhancing the current strategic cooperation partnership with each other under the keywords of " win-win cooperation " and " future-oriented cooperation " and expanding bilateral exchanges and cooperation.
In particular, by 2020, it agreed on ways to achieve target of $ 100 billion in trade amount, increase of infrastructure cooperation and prepare for 4th industrial revolution, strengthen support and protection for multI-cultural households, remove mines, and increase of cooperation in central Vietnam.

To this end, the two governments agreed on an action plan that would achieve $ 100 billion in trade, cooperation in material parts industries, cooperation in transportation and infrastructure, and 6 cases of construction and urban development agreements.
More than half of Korea`s 200 billion dollars in trade with ASEAN, which is expected by 2020, will come from trade with Vietnam.
In particular, it has decided to strengthen the expansion of the free trade system by promoting the RCEP negotiations within this year.
Future growth cooperation, which is about jointly responding to the fourth industrial revolution and expanding future growth engines, is also an important code of bilateral economic cooperation.
The two leaders have decided to encourage cooperation in materials, electronics, energy, high-tech, advanced agricultural development, infrastructure, smart cities and creative start-ups.
In particular, it is going to strengthen cooperation in climate technology in science and technology and research on bio, nanotechnology, and information technology.
Korea Institute of Science and Technology, which started construction on the 22nd, is seen as a best practice that meets both win-win and future-oriented cooperation.
In particular, the Vietnamese government welcomed Korea`s participation in large-scale infrastructure and energy investment projects, industry insiders note.

Furthermore, it is expected that Korea will participate in the process of privatization of state-owned companies and restructuring of commercial banks.
Some expect that the role of the Korean government, local government, and businesses will increase to the Vietnamese government's goal of building a " modernized industrial country " by 2020.
In addition, the government will strengthen technical support and cooperation on production, processing, distribution and consumption processes to promote trade among Vietnamese agricultural and marine products and processed foods, and cooperate to expand distribution and consumption networks for Vietnamese products.
The leaders of the two countries have decided not only to promote high-ranking officials in the central and local governments, but also promote exchanges and friendship among younger generations. The government has decided to strengthen its policy to support and care for women and children from more than 60,000 multicultural families.
It contains Mr. Moon's " sincere " diplomacy, which aims to become a " heart and mind " human community.
President Moon met with Vietnamese national football team coach Park Hang-seo on the first day of his visit, and visited the cemetery in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where he was honored.

In particular, Mr. Moon personally expressed regret over the unfortunate history of President Lee. It is interpreted as an apology with sincerity. Mr. Moon also met with the Vietnamese people in Hanoi on his last visit, holding a 3,800-won rice noodles with Korean money.
" Above all, we start to build strong ties between the two countries by gaining the hearts of Vietnamese people, " Mr. Moon told a meeting with Vietnamese compatriots on Sunday.
In addition to promoting peace in the region, the two leaders agreed that progress in inter-Korean relations, a peaceful resolution of the North Korean nuclear issue, and a permanent peace building on the Korean Peninsula are essential not only for the Korean Peninsula but also for peace and prosperity of the international community.
" The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics provided an important opportunity for peace on the Korean Peninsula. " We will not miss this opportunity and proceed toward denuclearization and peace on the Korean Peninsula. "

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