Holding '2018 Korea-Vietnam Employment Fair' Participation in 46 companies in Vietnam

14 Jun 2018
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The 2018 Korea-Care Job Fair, which was co-hosted by the Korea Industrial Resources Corporation, the Korean Embassy in Vietnam, and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) in Hanoi on Wednesday, attracted 46 job seekers and 314 job seekers. Among the job seekers, 71 of them in Korea held one-on-one video interviews at the Korea Industrial Human Resources Agency's overseas employment center and held booths in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to conduct direct interviews.
The number of Korean companies that entered Vietnam as of 2017 is increasing every year to 6,000, and the number of Korean employees is increasing. The number of people employed in Vietnam in 2015, 288 in 2016, and 359 in 2017 are increasing every year. In addition, Vietnam is the third largest investment destination in the world, following the United States and China (including Hong Kong), and is the leading partner of Korea's new economy. Over the past three years, the number of investments made in Vietnam (based on reports) reached 2,197 and the investment amount was 21.41 billion dollars.

In line with the surging demand from Korean companies entering Vietnam, it is imperative that the country supply excellent Korean manpower that can connect Korea and Vietnam. In response, the company held a job fair to link young people who want to work with businesses in Vietnam.
In the recent job fair, 46 Korean companies (24 Hanoi, 22 Ho Chi Minh companies) participated in various fields to reflect diversification of investment fields in Vietnam, giving Korean job seekers a wide choice. Not only were manufacturing industries including Camsis, Space Costs, SG World Industries Co., Soil Vietnam and textiles, but also KB Securities, Woori Bank, Nice Korea, etc. Large consumer goods companies such as Lock&rack, AmorePacific, and Lotte Duty Free also participated.
A total of 360 one-on-one interviews were conducted with 260 selected human resources (including onsite and video interview duplicate participants) through the first screening. In particular, recruiting companies and video interviews were also available in other regions, including overseas job centers in Seoul and Busan, Ho Chi Minh City event venues in Hanoi, and third countries, for young people who could not come to local job fairs.

It's a big task for Korean companies to secure excellent employees at the right time due to the booming investment in Vietnam, said Cho Kyu-ha, head of Vietnamese Corp.. Choi Jong-won, CEO of Samil CTS, also said, " We hired five new employees through last year's job fair, but we will hire more talented young people this year to meet the growing business demand. "
Vietnam, Moon Jae-in, which a state visit to the president also visited Hanoi the job fair as a job interview, special day the employment of young people cheered for the success. Kim Ji-soo, a young man who held a video interview at the Busan Overseas Employment Center, responded by saying, " I know it is not easy to get a job overseas, but I will try and get a job. "
" Vietnam has about 4,000 companies in Vietnam, and the steady increase in investment is expected to lead to a growing demand for young Koreans, " said Lee Tae-sik, president of KOTRA.
This year, we will actively support young Koreans ` overseas employment by exploring overseas jobs centered on Japan and ASEAN countries, said Kim Dong-man, chairman of the Korea Industrial Human Resources Agency.

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