Meeting with Korean President and Vietnamese Residents in Vietnam

14 Jun 2018
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Korean and Vietnamese family couple, children, volcano Yi clan, etc.
Efforts to enrich the lives of Koreans with Korea-ASEAN Cooperation
Moon Jae-in and said the president has Vietnamese nationals on July 22, the first day a state visit by president to 400 people also serves as the dinner held a meeting.
The conference was attended by Korean and Vietnamese family members, their children, volcano Yi Jong-hyun, and other ethnic Koreans, as well as Vietnamese officials, scholars and former ambassadors who studied in Korea with the support of the Korean government.
The volcano is a Korean family name Lee, who originated from Vietnam, and the volcano is located in Ongjin County, Hwanghae-do. The founder is Yi Tae-jo, the emperor of the Lee Dynasty of Vietnam. In particular, Park Hang-seo, the soccer coach of Vietnam, and Korean coaches of the Vietnamese national sports team including archery, fencing and judo drew attention.
At the meeting, Mr. Moon expected the visit to Vietnam, a key partner of the new South Korea policy, to be a good opportunity to present a blueprint for the future of Korea-ASEAN cooperation.
" We will make efforts to enrich the lives of our compatriots by strengthening Korea-ASEAN cooperation."

Moon Jae-in, the president greetings from " sinnambang policy a key partner of the visit to Vietnam and ASEAN cooperation that can be a blueprint for the future of a good opportunity." We said, “strengthening cooperation with the livelihood of citizens, will try to could be voluminous”
Mr. Moon also said, " The difficulties faced by Korea-Vietnamese families, such as children's education, will be shared, and that it will be a strong bridge for the future growth of Korean and their health. "
Mr. Moon also praised the efforts and dedication of the Vietnamese society in promoting the development of Korea-Vietnamese relations and contributed to the ongoing development of the two countries based on the strength of the Korean community.
In addition, President Moon said, " The government will pay special attention to strengthening the protection of overseas Koreans and enhancing the identity of Koreans. "
In particular, President Moon shared the difficulties that Korea-Vietnamese families are experiencing, such as their children's education, and has made sure that the two families will be a strong bridge to the two countries, making them healthier and more positive.

Ha Ri-won, who was invited as the first singer on the day, is also an inseparable person who is born between a Vietnamese father and a Korean mother and has a relationship with Korea, where he is a student in Korea. Ha Ri-won, who is currently active as a local beloved singer through an audition program in Vietnam, said after the show, " I am proud of being a Korean. "
In addition, she “A lot of the stage but never nervous, just like today, Moon Jae-in, saying the president is going to be a continuing for the country you helped a Please.” 

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