Korea-Vietnam Small Venture Company, 4th Industry Innovation Conference

14 Jun 2018
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On March 23, it held a conference with SMEDF (Small and Medium Business Development Fund) at the Grand Plaza Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam.
This conference is Moon Jae-in as events held to the president's visit to Vietnam and Korea during the fourth round of the Industrial Revolution and Vietnam between the two countries to activate the cooperation between small companies with the aim of open.
At the conference, the company shared the current status of the Korean smart factory factory using ICT (Information Communication Technology) technology and the case of innovation of Vietnamese companies. By sharing manufacturing process management techniques between companies, it is planning to work together on manufacturing innovations such as reducing manufacturing cost and improving productivity.
The Korea Women's Economic Association and the Korea Association of Women's Industries signed an agreement with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry to cooperate with small and medium venture companies. The Senior, Women's Association and the Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and Industry will push ahead with shared information sharing for supporting small and medium venture businesses, recruitment of small venture business partners, and joint projects for enhancing corporate operations capabilities.
In the future, the three organizations will share information for supporting small and medium venture businesses, attract partners for small and medium venture businesses, and transfer advanced management techniques and production technologies such as development of business operation capability of small and medium venture companies.

Korean Women Entrepreneurs Association, is “Moon Jae-in Trần Clunk die, president of the People's Republic of Vietnam and the president the power to promote cooperation between the two countries together.” and " In addition, hanmugyeong.Global competitive advantage as interest is in domestic small or mid-sized venture companies with overseas operations. " and " With increased exchanges between the between the two countries, small and medium-sized enterprises to actively support in the future.Plan said.
We expect the president's state visit to Vietnam to further expand cooperation between the two countries, said Lee Sang-jik, head of the group.
Major topics included operation of Smart Factory, improvement of manufacturing process, quality management techniques, innovative cases of Smart Factory that are applied with ICT technologies, status and cases of implementing Smart Factory in South Korea, cases of promoting innovation in Vietnam, and current status of Smart Plant in Vietnam.

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