Ambassador Lee Hyeok of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be appointed as the 4th representative of the Kore

14 Jun 2018
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It is emerging as an exemplary role model for relations between Vietnam and ASEAN countries.
Lee Hye-sik, ambassador to Vietnam, and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded a plaque ceremony at Lotte Hotel in Hanoi on April 5. About 200 South Koreans, Vietnamese officials and university officials attended the ceremony to mark the new start of the four-term Korea-ASEAN Center after a successful two-year term.

" After 38 years in the Foreign Ministry, my two-year tenure in Vietnam has been most impressive and rewarding, " said Lee Hyuk. In particular, the two countries, which marked the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties last year, will continue to cooperate for the development of each other in a larger and wider area. The core of the government's ‘(Create new) the Southern policies’ and Moon Jae-in as Vietnam is at the center. We will open a new generation beyond cultural homogeneity and cooperation between the two countries.
On the same day, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) awarded Lee Hyuk a plaque of appreciation for his contributions to the achievement and cooperation between Korea and Vietnam.

Korea is strengthening its position as Vietnam's largest investor. Lee has contributed largely to the achievements and cooperation of remarkable economic cooperation, human exchanges, tourism and cultural exchanges between South Korea and Vietnam over the past two years, and he has continued to contribute greatly to the mutual cooperation between the two countries.
Lee Hyeok, who has been familiar with ASEAN since the establishment of the center, will serve as the fourth vice president of the Korea and ASEAN centers. He has served as ambassador to the U.S. since 2016 after serving as minister of foreign affairs at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, presidential secretary for foreign affairs, and ambassador to Seoul.

Korea's trade volume with China stood at 64 billion dollars last year, accounting for more than 40 percent of the trade volume of 10 Asian countries, while Vietnam's largest investor is Korea. Such economic cooperation has led to active human exchanges and cultural exchanges. In addition, there are about 150,000 Vietnamese residents in South Korea and 60,000 Vietnamese women as well as workers.
With the entry of Korean companies, Vietnam is home to 150,000 Koreans, while 2.4 million Koreans visited Vietnam last year for tourism and business purposes, making it the most visited country in ASEAN.

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