DB Damage Insurance Company, volunteer work in Vietnam

13 Apr 2018
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Over the past four days, the DB Damage Insurance Corporation has visited the center with its executives and employees, employees of its DB Damage Insurance Vietnam subsidiary (PTI), and NinheunrI, a volunteer volunteer group at the DB Kim Jun-kee Foundation, and Vietnamese scholarship students.
This is the second time that the group has performed its service since last year. The volunteers planted trees and painted classroom murals in their gardens to improve the educational environment for the kindergartens in Ninbin region.
He also visited a local school to offer 30 bikes and helmets to students and to teach bicycle safety with the Korea Child Safety Foundation. The volunteers provided local elementary school children with a variety of education and activities, including hand washing hygiene education, group jumping rope, paper folding, and tail catching, to celebrate the joyful day.
Ten students from Vietnam's National Institute of Economics (NEU), one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam, joined in the volunteer work, adding to the significance of the program.
" I would like to express my gratitude to the DB Damage Insurance, PTI executives and staff, and to the foreign and overseas scholarships at the DB's Kim Jun-ki Foundation for Culture, " said a DB source.
On the other hand, in January 2015, he became the first Korean to enter the local insurance market by acquiring a 37.32 percent stake in PTI, a Vietnamese damage insurance company, and since then he has been focused on auto insurance and bancassurance.

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