KBSV-Infiltration to Join Vietnam's Mari Time Securities Co., Ltd.

13 Apr 2018
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KBS-Managed to Vietnamese subsidiary KBSV-Infiltration to Join Vietnam's Mari Time Securities Co., Ltd.

KB Securities said on Friday that it held a launching event for its Vietnamese subsidiary KB Securities Vietnam, which was acquired in November last year.
The event took place in Hanoi, the headquarters of the company, and Lotte Hotel, with more than 200 foreign guests attending the event, including its chairman Jeon Byeong-jo, chairman of the securities committee in Vietnam, Korean Ambassador to Vietnam, and KBSVs president.
KB Securities acquired the " Mari Time Securities " in November last year. Mary Time Securities Co. has 33 billion won in assets as of last year, and is a securities company that makes about 64 trillion won in sales. According to KB Securities, Vietnam's economy has grown rapidly over the past few years based on abundant resources and 60 percent of the population is economically active.
KB Securities is a leading tier in the Vietnamese market to strengthen its business capabilities, such as brockeridge, and to implant capabilities such as IB, Asset Management (WM), and IT capabilities. It will also support M&A consulting, financing arrangement, and consulting on promoting new business projects for South Korean corporate clients who have entered Vietnam or plan to enter the country. The company plans to enhance the competitiveness of KB Securities ` global business by diversifying its business portfolio, including acquiring new licenses related to derivatives.
We will advance to Vietnam through KBSVs to achieve tangible results in emerging markets, said Chun Byung-jo, CEO of KB Securities.

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