Vietnam, North Korea's Proper Growth Model: Former Courier

Can you comment on the report that Kim Jong Eun regarded Vietnam as a model for economic development in North Korea?

I think that North Korea and Vietnam have much in common.

Both countries were affected by the war. It was isolated by the United States and other countries, both of which are based on agriculture.

In addition, North Korea and Vietnam are led by the Communist Party and have a lot of cultural sharing.
From 1975 to 1986, Vietnam made a lot of effort to get out of the war.
Compared with 30 years ago, Vietnam has undergone many changes. Since 1986, Vietnam has started to open slowly and has successfully started to integrate.
We believe North Korea can do it. Many foreigners say that North Korea is aiming at Singapore's capitalist economy, but North Korea is not a suitable model for North Korea's development because it is in a different situation from Singapore.
What can North Korea learn in Vietnam?
North Korea can learn more about how Vietnam has become an important partner with the United States by looking at how Vietnam has deviated from its isolated state after the war.
It is necessary to discuss the economic opening policy with Vietnam and legislate to attract foreign investment.
At present, the biggest problem facing North Korea is lack of funds.
Because North Korea already has a strong agricultural base, it will not take long to recover if there is sufficient funding.
Vietnam suffered food shortages in 1984 but two years later began to export rice.
Since North Korea has a population of only 25 million, it can balance domestic consumption and exports in the agricultural sector.
What should be the political approach of North Korea?
All aspects, including politics, economy, culture and security, must be considered before a country decides to open up.
But in 1986 and 1987 Vietnam's main concern was economic reform.
It should be noted that when it is open to itself, the country is exposed to foreign interference which can trigger political instability.
By sharing the border with Korea, North Korea will face greater risks than Vietnam, and waves of people running away to South Korea may arise.
Since many countries such as China, Japan, Russia, Korea, and the US are watching the market, the influence of foreign countries is more closely related to North Korea.
We think Beijing (China) always wants to control North Korea. Therefore, opening will be a big challenge for North Korea.

Source: vnexpress