'K-Beauty Gallery' Korean cosmetics promotional and sales center opened in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Korean cosmetics promotion and sales center was opened in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, the center of Hallyu hot air.
The Ministry of Health and Welfare (Ministry of Health and Welfare) and the Korea Health Industry Development Agency (President Lee Young-chan) announced that for 7 months from June this year to the end of December, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Group 1, 98 Dien Bien Phu, Da Kao) to open and operate the Korean cosmetics promotion and sales center.
As part of the 'overseas cosmetics sales support project,' the Ministry of Health and Welfare is promoting a new market for domestic cosmetics companies, this business cooperates with 14 promising small and medium sized companies, To promote the excellence of cosmetics in Korea.
2012 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 2013 USA New York, 2014 Vietnam Hanoi, 2015 Russia Moscow, 2016 China Shenyang and Chongqing, the sixth Vietnamese market to enter Ho Chi Minh City is the newly developed 'K-Beauty Gallery' It operates for 7 months under the name.
In addition to permanent exhibition, sales and promotion of domestic small and medium-sized cosmetics company products, it will support new buyer matching, license acquisition, participation in local exhibition booth.
In Vietnam, cosplay, crazy skin, Tooyoung Fenby Co., Ltd. Wiz Young, Dream Skin Korea Co., Ltd. Easy Course Co., Ltd. COSWAY Co., Ltd. Foderskin Co., Ltd. SameDang cosmetics Co., Ltd. Darm International Co., 14 companies including Wooseo Co., Ltd., Self Beauty Co., Ltd. and Lijian Co., Ltd. are participating.
On the other hand, Welfare and Promotion Agency invited local buyers, consumers, media, KOL, and Influencers from Vietnamese sales outlets for two days from June 28 to 29 in order to promote the opening of Vietnamese sales outlets. -Beauty Trend Show.

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