Discuss the reinforcement of security cooperation with police, Indonesian and Vietnamese police.

Police will visit Indonesia and Vietnam, where many Koreans are entering, to discuss ways to strengthen security cooperation with local police agencies.
According to the National Police Agency on Sunday, the deputy chief of the National Police Agency Min Kap-ryong is scheduled to visit the two countries from July 21 to 26 to discuss the protection of overseas citizens and international criminal investigations.
In Indonesia, a detailed plan to enhance the capabilities of cyber crimes investigations will be discussed with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). Indonesian police are hoping to teach Korea's security techniques based on the cyber sector.
In Vietnam, the vice minister of public security and deputy director level meeting will be held to discuss the promotion of the security cooperation project and the strengthening of cyber crime investigation cooperation.
He will then visit the Vietnam Institute of Criminal Sciences, where the Vietnam Public Safety, Science and Investigation Project is underway, to discuss ways to promote the project effectively. The project is a 6.1 billion won free aid project that will be conducted by the Korean police between 2017 and 2019.
" As Indonesia and Vietnam are ASEAN countries, they need to cooperate in security because they have many overseas Koreans and Korean companies, " said a police official. [Data : Yonhap News]