" Go to conflict with your parents " … introducing " Parent-parent Education " in Vietnamese bride's classroom.

The education of parents-in-law parents has been introduced to a local Korean cultural class for brides who are getting married from Vietnam to Korea. The Vietnamese wife often lives with her parents-in-law to prevent unnecessary conflict between the two countries.
Han Beom-hwa Exchange Center, which has been operating a Korean cultural classroom called " Father's Class " in Vietnam for 11 years, announced on Sunday that it has introduced parent-parent education for the first time this year.
In March, the school set up a separate course to teach Korean parents basic etiquette and know-how to build an amicable relationship.
About a quarter of Vietnamese brides who married in Korea through Korean cultural classes live with their in-laws, and most of their in-laws are elderly rural, Kim said.
" I don't think the culture and customs of Korea and Vietnam are too different, but it depends on what I do, " said Donna Timmoong, who took the class.
I will try to make my life better in Korea.
Han Beom-hwa Exchange Center started a Korean culture class for Vietnamese women who are getting married to Korea in 2007, and has expanded its size to accommodate 25 Vietnamese brides every month. So far, more than 1,500 people have completed the education. [Data : Yonhap News]