Companies that are participating in supporting medium and secondary advertisements in Vietnam

The Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business announced on Monday that it will recruit companies participating in the indirect product advertisement support program by 6 p.m. on Friday.
The participating company will indirectly advertise 30 beauty and idea life items on the beauty show Beauty Selection, which is scheduled to air in August on VTV6, which has both terrestrial and cable channels in Vietnam.
The agency supports 50 percent of advertising fees, and supports video marketing and demonstrations through social networking services in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
Analysts say that it has become an effective tool for public relations and marketing, with the average amount of sales before and after the broadcast increased 13.4 percent last year.
The selection of a company is decided through the review of documents and evaluation comments of broadcasting personnel, and the desired company can check and apply for program details in Gobiz Korea (.).
[Data : Yonhap News]