" Family Travel Summer Vacation Average 5 to 6 Days ... "

Timon, Family Traveler's ticket analysis shows that the average ticket price per person is 360,000 won.
Family tourists spent an average of 5.6 days on summer vacation this year, and the average price of round-trip tickets was 360,000 won per person.
Timon, an online shopping company, made an announcement on the 21st that it analyzed 100,000 tickets for family travelers from July to August using its own company.
The average family tourist vacation was five or six days.
Most of the travel periods in Japan were short for three days, and in cities such as Guam and Cebu, people who can experience marine sports or Bangkok, who could enjoy tours and massage programs for four to eight days.
The most popular destination for family tourists this year was Da Nang, Vietnam. Guam, the number one summer vacation destination for family tourists last year, fell to second place after being defeated by Da Nang. [Data : Yonhap News]