Hanbetsu Family Free Korean language classes for Vietnamese children

Our Vietnamese residents in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, are enjoying a good response by opening a free Korean language classroom for their Hanbe (Korean - Vietnamese) family who have difficulties in family life.Hochiminh Hungarian School was opened in May last year and it is said that there are currently 35 children of Hanbabe family and 35 Vietnamese women.

한베가정 자녀 위해 베트남 교민들이 개설한 무료 한글교실 [독자제공=연합뉴스]

The after-school school, which is opened by borrowing a house in Puhmiung, called the Korean Town of Ho Chi Minh, is free of charge.
Thanks to this, the number of students who started from three people increased more than ten times in one year.
The members of the stepping stone volunteer group consisting of 80 people will prepare money for operating expenses, and members and college student volunteers with teaching qualifications teach Hangul twice an hour for one hour a week.
It also tells about Korean culture including kimchi soaking.
The stepping stone volunteer service has repaired old clothes and used furniture and distributed activities to the locals, explaining that the unfortunate children of Hanbe family did not get a chance to learn Korean.
However, as local real estate prices have surged recently, landlords have reported that they will raise their rent significantly, and are undergoing significant operational failures.
"We are going to keep the principle of running it free of charge because it is a Hangul classroom that was established for Hanbe children who have difficulties in family situations," an official at the stepping stone service association said.

Source: http://www.yonhapnews.co.kr/bulletin/2018/07/02/0200000000AKR20180702140900084.HTML?input=1195m