Ho Chi Minh airport where cracks are going

Two of the largest airports in Vietnam each have a bad runway that needs urgent repairs and upgrades, but lack of funds can prevent any construction work, the agency said in a recent report.

One of the runways of Tan Son Nhat International Airport based in Ho Chi Minh City and one of the runways of Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi is being deployed beyond its designed capacity and serious cracks are appearing on the surface. The Airport Corporation (ACV) sent the report to the Department of Transportation.

Severe decomposition

Tan Son Nhat can run 55,100 take-offs and landings within 10 years of completion in June 2013.

However, just five years later, the number of takeoffs and landings of this runway has already exceeded 126,000 as of April this year.

Both runways were severely degraded due to overloading and crumbling or cracked surfaces.

"During the rainy season, part of runway 1B is likely to become a wetland," one ACV leader said.

The official stressed that flight safety would be threatened if the two runways continue to be repaired.

Still waiting for capital.

Despite the urgency, the agencies are still uncertain as to how the runway upgrades will be financed.

Management officials insisted that "runways are classified as government assets and must be funded according to the national budget."

Said he was responsible for temporarily repairing damage to the runway while waiting for money to begin official repair work.

The cost of repairing the two runways is estimated to be 4.2 trillion yuan.

Source: tuoitrenews.vn