Lotte Duty Free Shop opened in Vietnam 2nd airport duty free shop

Lotte Duty Free Shop in Nha Trang / Provided Lotte Duty Free Shop

Lotte Duty Free will open a duty-free shop in line with the opening of the new terminal at Nha Trang Cam Ranang International Airport on March 30, and will run for 10 years until 2028. Lotte Duty Free's store opened in Vietnam only one year after Danang Airport.

Lotte Duty-Free Shop Nha Trang Pharman Airport is the only duty-free shop in the airport and operates at 1,680㎡ (about 508 pyeong) at the new terminal departure and arrival place. Cosmetics, fragrance, watches, fashion, liquor, and tobacco.

Since then, Sulwhasoo has become one of the largest cosmetics stores in China, including domestic cosmetics brands, as well as Yinlogen, Dior, and Marmaron.

Nha Trang is the largest tourist destination in central Vietnam and is called the 'Naples of the Orient'. About 2 million foreign tourists visited here last year. According to the nationality of foreign tourists visiting NCR last year, 58.9% were Chinese and 27.4% were Russian.

Lotte Duty Free plans to intensively target Chinese and Russian tourists through the Nha Trang Chartered Airport Terminal. The Lotte Duty Free Shop expects the store's sales to reach 700 billion won over the next 10 years.

Lotte Duty Free will open seven overseas stores including Indonesia Ginza City, Kansai Airport, Guam Airport, Jakarta, Jakarta, Bangkok, Da Nang Airport and Nha Trang Phamang Airport. .

Jang Seon-wook, the representative of Lotte Duty Free shop, said, "It is our highest priority to make Nha Trang Pharmang Airport Store a wholesome store that will record surplus in its first year."