Worse! Facebook, Google, Dongguan is Vietnam Cyber Security Act

Protestors protesting various government policies, including the new Internet law, complained in Ho Chi Minh City last Sunday.

The Vietnamese government approved the Cyber Security Law, which restricts companies such as Google and Facebook to store data in the country.

Protestors of the special economic zone law over the weekend took to the streets, saying, " If the new bill was passed, the authorities would try to access personal information and monitor users. "

The bill, passed by the Vietnamese parliament, prohibits Vietnamese Internet users from being organized for anti-state purposes and prevents them from distorting the achievements of revolutionary countries. It is also prohibited to make religious crimes or discriminate by gender or race.

Foreign companies operating local hubs in Singapore or Hong Kong must open offices and store data there. In addition, if the law is deemed to have been violated, user information should be provided to the public security department at the request of the government.

AsiaInternetConvertion, which represents foreign companies such as Facebook and Google, warned that the bill would discourage Vietnamese and reduce jobs.

" These regulations would create serious constraints on Vietnam's digital economy, aggravating the foreign investment environment and damaging the opportunity for domestic and small companies to thrive both inside and outside Vietnam. " The new law will take effect early next year.

Source : https://www.ft.com/content/28edfa20-6e26-11e8-92d3-6c13e5c92914