A friendship out of the classroom, a step-by-step walk - Experience on-site learning and culture experience

The Korea International School in Ho Chi Minh City (the principal, Kim Won-kyun) conducted field trips between May 22 and May 24, followed by two nights and three days of experience.

Prior to this, safety training related to swimming and vehicle riding was held in each classroom. The first, second, and fifth graders visited Damsen Water Park, and the third and fourth graders enjoyed swimming in the water park while having lunch with their friends. The sixth-grade students visited Puchum Island, Vietnam's southernmost island, visiting pepper farms, aquariums and safaris. In addition, they enjoyed various marine activities at Binfall Resort and had fun with friends, performing talent and raising community spirit through talent and group play.

Kim Won-kyun, the principal of the school, emphasized once again the educational meaning of field experience learning, saying, "It was an opportunity to develop friendship and cooperation through various experiences and field trips, and to cultivate proper sense of order." 

[Data : Korea International School in Ho Chi Minh City]