More than 100 people a day are smoked in cigarettes

More than 100 people die a day in Vietnam, which is called a " smoking paradise, " and the number of victims could double in 2030, according to a report.
Vietnam News reported on Monday that the tobacco control fund under the Ministry of Health estimated this.
In Vietnam, 45.3 percent of men aged 15 or older smoke and 56 percent of the smoking population start smoking before the age of 20.
Statistics show that 60.7 percent of the students who smoke begin smoking at age 7 to 13.
It is also called a " smoking paradise " because smoking is allowed in most restaurants and public places.
As of 2015, 53.5 percent of nonsmokers were exposed to cigarette smoke at home, and 36.8 percent of non-smoking workers who work indoors drank tobacco at work.
The social costs of smoking are also significant.
Vietnamese people spend $ 1.56 billion a year on cigarette consumption, and the cost of treating loss and diseases from early death amounts to $ 1 billion a year. 

[Data : Yonhap News]