The Vietnamese Tourism Commission wrote an apology letter to Australian tourists - the cockroaches, cruises

The head of the Vietnamese tourism bureau wrote an apology letter to an Australian tourist and suggested free Vietnamese tour.
It was because netizens were shocked after posting on social networking services that an Australian woman who visited Haronbay, a popular tourist destination in northern Vietnam, was a nightmare.
According to a daily Vietnamese media outlet, Lynne Ryan, an Australian woman, booked a two-day cruise tour package with five colleagues early this month. Looking at the luxury cruise brochure provided by a travel agency in Hanoi, Vietnam.
But when Ryan and I got on board the boat, it was like a abandoned ship crawling with rats and cockroaches. In addition, there was a way for the air conditioner to stop working due to the broken toilet door and the heat of over 30 degrees Celsius.
Ryan, who returned to Australia last week, made a complaint on Facebook with a photo about the damage, titled " A Horror Trip, " and " Haronbay. "
Since then, there have been countless comments, and they have been introduced to the Australian media.
Vietnamese authorities immediately launched an investigation. The results showed that Ryan and his family couldn't even go to Haronbay.

The troubled cruise was found to have taken Ryan and his family to Chongba Island, south of Haronbay, because Haronbay was banned from entering the island since August last year.
As a result, the Vietnamese tourism authorities have imposed fines on the travel agencies and owners of the cruise ship and banned the operation of the cruise ship.
He also sent a letter to Mr. Ryan expressing regret and promised to prevent a recurrence.
He also proposed free Vietnamese tours, including a cruise to Haronbay.
The number of Australian tourists visiting Vietnam during the first four months of this year increased by 13 percent from the same period last year to 147,600.

[Data : Yonhap News]