Asiana and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Asiana Airlines conducted its first overseas color flight class in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on Wednesday.

About 1,800 Korean students attend Ho Chi Minh International School, and 270 among Korean international schools interested in aviation, including Ho Chi Minh branch manager Cho Young-koo and Principal Kim Won-kyun.

The lecture was delivered by Chung-nam Chung and cabin crew Kim Ji-hee, who explained the various information needed to design the career path of aviation students, and the video of the cabin crew's in-flight safety work.

" I felt rewarded as a lecturer for the reaction of students as hot as the weather in Vietnam, " Chung Choong-nam, the chief editor of the Korean university said.

Asiana's Education Fund is planning to visit schools where employees want to give lectures, and the program will introduce them to Japan, which is currently 21 million times.

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