Donghae contracted to export $ 1.6 million to Vietnam

Bridgeheads export market, Vietnam, May 23 donghae ‘The 2018, the overseas markets donghae’ dispatched for exports (Hanwha 1.7 billion,) $ 1.6 million, total 17 cases.That a deal on May 11.

According to the City donghae donghae, overseas markets, with 795 million people, is the business pushed for Vietnam in the markets of export markets as a business.

In Ho Chi Minh City, vissai saigon hotel in 2018 and businesses outstanding products, export counseling ‘, the overseas markets donghae’ at the local market research and East Sea.In diaper, announced comprehensive marine product exhibition and promotion, export counseling companies and the invitation of the buyer of the six companies supported markets.

In particular, exporters pushed in the world for the second inning last year at the consultation, increased $ 87 million, or 28 last year to companies donghae $ 159 million, 17 cases of a contract to export.Through.

At least five a day per business, officials said, donghae which conforms with the nature of customized products, buyer meeting of more than of, corporate buyers, participation until last year alone.To support ongoing exchanges between companies and local companies led to such performance. "

" The city will not only establish a permanent business channel between participating companies and Vietnam's leading buyers, but also enhance communication with the buyer recruitment agencies to provide more substantial support for the companies. "

Pak Nam-gi donghae said " Vietnam market support of the participating companies in the future, companies supporting connection with related organizations, including the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency and further excavation business.How to provide, the Regional Economy Activation in export market with export expansion of the companies to make. "

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