Proliferation of anti-Chinese protests in Vietnam, arrests of more than 100 people

More than 100 people have been arrested after protests in Vietnam spread to violence.

Local media reported yesterday (Saturday) that there were large and small anti-Chinese protests in Vietnam's capital Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

In some demonstrations, demonstrators threw stones at government offices or set fire to motorcycles, and police clashed with demonstrators.

More than 100 protesters were arrested in the process, and some police officers were reportedly injured.

The protests began when the Vietnamese government launched the " Special Economic Zone Act, " which allows foreign investors to lease land for up to 99 years, and people began protesting that Beijing intends to give China preferential treatment.

Under the current law in Vietnam, foreign investors can lease land for up to 70 years.

The Vietnamese government is said to have decided to delay the bill for now, as the protests spread.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Embassy in Hanoi said in an announcement that " illegal rallies involving some anti-Chinese content " were held, urging its citizens to be cautious.

Media reports say anti-Chinese sentiment spread as Vietnam fought with China over the South China Sea.

From VOA News