African TV Frick Retains Vietnam Market

The African TV company, Frick, announced on Wednesday that it signed a business agreement with the Vietnamese entertainment company, Busan's local entertainment company, at its office in Songpa-gu, Seoul. CEO Kim Young-jong and CEO Jeon Tae-hwa of Aslan Entertainment attended the ceremony.

" Frick " is a content critting group that discovers BJ in various fields, including education, current events, beauty, fashion, health quiz, and hobbies, and develops new business for content production and offline lines. On this day, the company signed an agreement with Frick and is an entertainment company that specializes in planning performances, developing artists, producing contents, and distributing contents.

Through the agreement, the two companies plan to distribute Frick's professional contents in Vietnam and jointly plan the contents of beauty, education and fashion. It also plans to target the growing Vietnamese market by conducting a joint project to develop and nurture the new Vietnamese artist BJ based on Frick's B.J. positive know-how and the local system of Aslan Entertainment.

" Vietnam, which is leading the economic growth rate of 6 to 7 percent among South Korean companies, is receiving the spotlight as the new blue ocean, " said Kim Young-jong, CEO of Prick.