A New Beginning: Borantau Chairman of the Korean Community

"The inauguration ceremony of the first Korean president of the country was held on May 31 at the Borantau P&T Hotel, " said the Borantau Community Association in Vietnam.

At the event, Chairman Shim Ho-seok of the Association of Korean Industries, Deputy Foreign Affairs of Vietnam Consultations General Lee Ho-sik, President Park Seung-woo of the Hanoi Embassy, Chairman of the Association of Korea Min Ju-geun
Chung Woo-jin, vice president of the consulate in Ho Chi Minh, expressed his congratulations on the inauguration of the first Korean president, Baria Borantau. In preparing for the establishment of the Korean Community and the inauguration ceremony, many of our fellow Koreans have made great efforts. I am grateful for this. Congratulations on Chairman Yang Chul-soo's inauguration. I hope to become a Korean community that will be active in fun and exciting ways in the future. " I will do it."

Lee Choong-geun, chairman of the Korean Federation of Korean Residents in Vietnam, said in a congratulatory speech that he sincerely congratulated the founding of the organization, and joined the family in Ho Chi Minh City with Yang Chul-soo in Barria. A new baby was born. We ask for your advice and support for the baby alone. We will also give a lot of support and help to the community in Ho Chi Minh.
In addition, foreign affairs director Letite Thisson of Baria Nangta-Sincheong, consul Park Soon-ho of the Hanoi Embassy, and other Korean heads of Korean organizations made congratulatory remarks.

The newly launched members of the organization, led by Yang Chul-soo, are consultants (Park Nam-jong, Lee Dong-baek), senior vice chairman (Kim Jeong-su), and vice chairman (Kwon Moon-sang).
We are truly pleased to see the launch of the Baria Borantau Community in the midst of the growing number of Koreans. We will continue to do our best." 

[Data : Borantau Community]