Korea MultI-Cultural Foundation to Conclude Vietnam

The Korea Multicultural Foundation said on May 31 (local time) that it successfully completed the event for disabled children at the Labor Culture Palace in Ho Chi Minh City. Park Jae-jeong, Kang Dae-hyun, Yusamuel, and Kwon Soo-jin from Ho Chi Minh Culture Party, Vietnamese composer Panhong Tucson, and Su Ahn attended the event.

More than 300 people from 22 teams participated in the talent show in Ho Chi Minh City, and more than 1,000 disabled children attended the event.

The event for disabled children included a sports competition for children to participate in, including basketball, tug-of-war, martial arts, mini soccer, and arm wrestling.

" This is the first time I have participated in overseas volunteer work, although I have done some volunteer work while I was a student. Before leaving the country, I learned simple sign language to communicate with disabled children in Vietnam. If I have another chance next year, I would like to learn more about the Vietnamese language and culture and be with them, " he said.

(Photo Description : Kang Dae-hyun, Park Jae-jung, and Yoo Sa-mul, who participated in Vietnam's ' Events for Disabled Children ' from the left.)

Park Jae-jeong said, " I started volunteering in harmony with Sohn Ho-young, Park Jae-jung, Park Jae-min, Jung In-young and NS Yoon Ji. "

" We will participate in events for disabled children in Ho Chi Minh City, which will be held with the Korea MultI-Cultural Foundation. I understand that the children came up through a difficult process to get on stage. I hope the special experiences that the children felt on stage will help them live well in the future. I will always support them to grow up healthy. "

Actor Kang Dae-hyun, who attended the event, said, The volunteer work was in conflict with the schedule of the love affair program and the filming of the music video, but asked officials to understand. " Because of my good memories I made with my children after visiting Vietnam for the first time last year, I came to Vietnam this year to have a good relationship, " he said.

" I was also impressed to see the performance, which was organized so hard by disabled children in Vietnam. It's fascinating to be able to help others with my abilities. " I want to keep the time I spent with my Vietnamese children this year as a good memory. "

The first actor to visit Vietnam, Yoo Sa-mul, said, During the service, children in Vietnam were forced into purity. Before doing volunteer work, I thought about how to treat children with disabilities.

(Photo Description : Actor Kang Dae-hyun gives presents to disabled children in Vietnam)

Korean companies have also contributed to the service. Alcoria (CEO Min Dong-jin), Hans Lee Technology (CEO Chung Han-soo), Yamiah (CEO Yeom Min-yeop), strikeout machine (CEO), Colka (CEO),

Meanwhile, the Korea Multicultural Foundation, which was established in June 2013, is a group of donors who share their love, sharing and happiness with foreign workers from underprivileged social classes, students studying abroad and patients with incurable diseases. In particular, not only in Korea but also in Korea, we are conducting volunteer activities such as welfare programs for senior citizens, medical support as part of multicultural welfare projects, education assistance, and youth welfare projects.

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