U.S. FOMC Note ... Adjustment movement is expected

VN Index rose by 4.04 % on a weekly basis

The Vietnamese stock market is expected to face a period of adjustment this week.

This is because significant events such as the Federal Reserve's FOMC Monetary Policy Conference and the European Central Bank Conference are scheduled to affect the global stock market.

The U.S. Federal Reserve is going to hold a FOMC call policy from the 12th to the 13th to decide whether or not to increase interest rates. According to the Bloomberg Consciousness, the U.S. rate hike in June is 93 percent.

The ECB's monetary policy meeting, which is not a big deal on austerity, is scheduled to take place on July 14. Experts predict that the ECB will likely extend quantitative easing for six months either this meeting or next month.

" The liquidity level in the Vietnamese stock market fell below the average on August 8, " said Vietnamese Biz, a Vietnamese economic media. This is a cautious move, said foreign investors, as FOMC and the ECB are scheduled to meet this week.

Source : http://www.ajunews.com/view/20180611084147937